Choosing a MultiCopter Frame

One of the first steps in using Copter is to decide on the frame. Shown above are three options from 3DRobotics [] but there are hundreds of other choices. This page will hopefully give some guidance on the choices available.



This section of the wiki is a work-in-progress.

Decide what you want it for

Some common uses of multi-copters include:

Ready-To-Fly, Kits or Build your Own

The choice of Ready-to-fly (RTF) vs Build-your-Own mostly comes down to how much time you are happy to spend building up your copter and how personalised you wish it to be. With the growing number of low-cost RTF copters on the market, there is likely little cost advantage to building your own, especially for the smaller copters and if you factor in some missteps along the way (like buying the wrong parts).

Complete Kits like these from 3DR [] are an intermediate step. They ensure you have all the parts you need, the final result will be very close to the RTF but they are slightly cheaper because you perform the frame assembly and flight controller configuration yourself.

Continued Reading

Below are more work-in-progress pages with general information that may be useful when selecting or building a frame.